VA - beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (2017) (bemani)
Sky Technology - Spirituality (2017) (psy)
Argot Digamma - Luce Sia (2015) (psy)
Alice-D Records - Supremely Weird (2017) (psy)
Sectio Aurea - Solis Statio (2016) (psy)
VA - Namibie - Chants des Bushmen Ju'hoansi (1997)
Dark Whisper - Realms of Unseen (2016) (psy)
Fractal Cowboys vs The Many Faces - Entre Nous (2007) (psy)
Yaminahua - Equilibrium (2016) (psy)
VA - Goa Session By Goa Gil & Ariane (2016) (psy)
VA - Metamorphose (2016) (J-core)
DJ Genki - REALIZE (2015) (J-core)
Psykovsky - Ksolntsu (2015) (psy)
VA - The Brave And The Bold (2015) (psy)
VA - Inner Sanctum 2015 (2015) (psy)
USAO - Kick's For Liberation 5 (2015) (J-core)
VA - HARDCORE SYNDROME 9 (2015) (J-core)
Sota Fujimori - SYNTHESIZED 5 (2015) (bemani)
BeForU - BeForU (2003) (bemani)
Larry Carlson - Phosphorus (2008) (psychedelic, ambient)
Joy Electric - Christiansongs (1999)
Pleiadians - I.F.O. (1997) (psy)
Salem - FuCKT (2008)
Chromatic Flights - Too Beautiful For Smiles (2010)
Blind Man's Colour - Season Dreaming (2010)
Pictureplane - Dark Rift (2009)
High Places - 03/07 - 09/07 (2008)
Arthur Russell - World Of Echo (1986)
John Beltran - Ten Days Of Blue (1996) (ambient techno)
The Tough Alliance - New Chance (2007)
Gang Gang Dance - Hillulah (2005)
Animal Collective - Sung Tongs (2004)


Eurobeat and J-euro tracks (version 4)

Bandcamp (psy) (psy) (psy) (psy)

Ektoplazm (darkpsy, forest) (darkpsy, psycore) (ambient, downtempo) (downtempo) (darkpsy, experimental, forest) (ambient, downtempo) (darkpsy) (darkpsy) (progressive, zenonesque) (progressive, zenonesque) (darkpsy, psycore) (darkpsy, forest) (darkpsy, psycore) (darkpsy, forest) (darkpsy, forest, psycore) (deep trance, full-on, morning) (full-on, goa, morning) (darkpsy, forest) (darkpsy, psycore) (progressive, techtrance, zenonesque) (darkpsy, psycore) (darkpsy, experimental, forest) (darkpsy, experimental, forest) (goa) (goa) (darkpsy, forest, psycore) (darkpsy, forest) (darkpsy, forest) (darkpsy) (darkpsy, forest) (hi-tech) (darkpsy, hi-tech) (darkpsy, forest) (darkpsy, hi-tech) (hi-tech) (techno) (chiptune) (darkpsy) (lolicore) (lolicore) (lolicore) (lolicore) (lolicore) (lolicore) (chiptune) (lolicore) (ambient, psychedelic) (ambient, psychedelic)

Audiobooks (non-classics)

Ronda Rousey - My Fight Your Fight
Norm Macdonald - Based on a True Story
Noam Chomsky - Necessary Illusions

Audiobooks (classics)

Charles Bukowski - South of No North (Christian Baskous)
Charles Bukowski - Women (Christian Baskous)
Charles Bukowski (5 audiobooks) (Christian Baskous)
Jack Kerouac - On the Road
John Steinbeck - Cannery Row
Homer - The Odyssey (Norman Dietz)
Émile Zola - The Belly of Paris (David Case)
Émile Zola - Germinal (David Case)
Jules Verne - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (David Case)
Jules Verne - Around the World in Eighty Days (David Case)
Giovanni Boccaccio - The Decameron (David Case)
Heinrich Harrer - Seven Years in Tibet (David Case)
Edward Gibbon - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (Bernard Mayes)
Jean-Jacques Rousseau - The Confessions (David Case)
Aristotle - Politics (Bernard Mayes)
Plutarch - Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans (Bernard Mayes)
Marcus Tullius Cicero - Selections from the Writings of Cicero
Jonathan Swift - Gulliver's Travels
Alexandr Solzhenitsyn - One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
Bertrand Russell - A History of Western Philosophy
Charles Darwin - On the Origin of Species (David Case)
Jules Verne - From the Earth to the Moon (Bernard Mayes)
Jules Verne - Journey to the Center of the Earth (Norman Dietz)
Daniel Defoe - The Journal of the Plague Year
Daniel Defoe - Robinson Crusoe
Herman Melville - Moby Dick
Plato - The Republic
Lucretius - On the Nature of Things
Herodotus - The Histories (Bernard Mayes)
Vladimir Nabokov - Lolita
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn - The Gulag Archipelago (David Case)
Aristotle - Nicomachean Ethics
Mark Twain - Roughing It (Norman Dietz)
Mark Twain - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Norman Dietz)
J.R.R. Tolkien - The Hobbit
Henry Miller - Tropic Of Cancer

Spoken audio (torrents)

Noam Chomsky (audio collection)
Henry Miller (audio collection)

Spoken audio (YouTube)

The Church Of What's Happening Now #350 - Bobby Lee
The Church Of What's Happening Now #473 - Kate Quigley
The Church of What's Happening Now #318 - Felipe Esparza and Rodrigo Torres
The Church of What's Happening Now #309 - Ralphie May
The Church of What's Happening Now #301 - Bobby Slayton
The Church of What's Happening Now #265 - Bret Ernst, Joey Diaz, and Lee Syatt
The Church of What's Happening Now #263 - Jimmy Shubert, Joey Diaz, and Lee Syatt
The Church of What's Happening Now #252 - Sarah Tiana, Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt
Tuesday and Tiffany just talking
#165 The Church Of What's Happening Now
Joey Diaz's UFO Sightings in Hudson County Park, North Bergen
Young Coco's Cougar Admirer
Joey Diaz about Rita Ho
Joey's Shit Tossing Incident
Joey's Sexcapades
The Church of What's Happening Now #185 - Ms. Pat
The Duncan Trussell Family Hour #176. "Graham Hancock"
The Joe Rogan Experience #142 - Graham Hancock, Duncan Trussell
Henry Miller: "Asleep and Awake" (aka. Bathroom Monologue) 1975
Noam Chomsky, Oct. 2, 2009
Terence McKenna - Everything You Need to Know About DMT (Lecture)
David Nichols psychedelic chemist at CIIS
Graham Hancock - Fingerprints of the Gods - Full length presentation